Do you want to show your products or your collection of articles on the Internet?

You can display your products or your collection of articles on the Internet with a free website similar to the website of the following link.

The website allows you to add, search, modify and delete products or articles.
The main page shows the categories of the added products and a search engine that allows you to quickly find the data of any product.
To add, modify and delete products you only need a username and password, which can be easily changed. You can try how it works in the previous link, by clicking on the logo, and using the following username and password.

User: admin
Password: 1234

Is it free?

The web app is free (freeware), and it is intended to always be so. It does not have official technical support, although I hope to correct the errors that will be discovered in new versions of the application.
It is designed for NGOs and small stores where a single user account can manage all products.
It does not perform banking operations.

How many products and product categories can I add?

The limit is related to the amount of memory available on the computer used. From one or two products to more than 1000 products and categories. Although the application can work correctly with more than 10000 products, no guarantee is given under any case. It is appreciated that you report any errors found by writing to the email address at the bottom of this page.

What do I need?

The following.
+ A computer with an Internet connection of static IP address (if the opposite is not explicitly stated, usually the IP address of the Internet connection is static).
+ Optionally a domain name linked to the IP address, to allow access to the website without knowing the IP address.
+ The web server "Apache Tomcat", widely used in computing and telecommunications for many years, and that can be found in the following website.

+ And the AirTecno web app that can be downloaded from the following link. Once installed, it is easy to change the logo image, the user, the password, and to make other changes.

How is it installed?

"Apache Tomcat" can be downloaded, installed, configured and launched, usually in a few minutes.
Once "Apache Tomcat" is configured and running, the web app can be put into operation like any other web app packaged in a file with "war" extension for Tomcat, usually in less than a minute.
There is information in the "Apache Tomcat" website, in YouTube and in other websites.
The application is supplied without any products. To add products you will have to click on the logo.
The username and password of the application can be set by editing the included file with "txt" extension.

And what to do if a problem arises?

No problem should arise, but, if after adding products you find a problem with the application, you can write to the following email address and I will try to give an answer in the time that I will have available.

I hope to correct the errors that will be found and publish new versions of the app in this same page.

Updated on February 12, 2020
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