Basic glossary about Maple 2017 (functions and commands supported by

!Not implemented
aboutNot implemented
addNot implemented
addcoordsNot implemented
additionallyNot implemented
addpropertyNot implemented
addressofNot implemented
AFactorNot implemented
AFactorsNot implemented
AIrreducNot implemented
AiryAiNot implemented
AiryAiZerosNot implemented
AiryBiNot implemented
AiryBiZerosNot implemented
algsubsNot implemented
aliasNot implemented
allvaluesNot implemented
anamesNot implemented
andmapNot implemented
AngerJNot implemented
AppellF1Not implemented
AppellF2Not implemented
AppellF3Not implemented
AppellF4Not implemented
applyNot implemented
applyopNot implemented
applyruleNot implemented
arccoshNot implemented
arccotNot implemented
arccothNot implemented
arccscNot implemented
arccschNot implemented
arcsecNot implemented
arcsechNot implemented
arcsinhNot implemented
arctanhNot implemented
ArrayDimsNot implemented
ArrayElemsNot implemented
ArrayIndFnsNot implemented
ArrayNumDimsNot implemented
assembleNot implemented
assignNot implemented
assumeNot implemented
assumingNot implemented
asymptNot implemented
attributesNot implemented
BellBNot implemented
BerlekampNot implemented
bernoulliNot implemented
bernsteinNot implemented
BernsteinBasisNot implemented
BesselINot implemented
BesselJNot implemented
BesselJZerosNot implemented
BesselKNot implemented
BesselYNot implemented
BesselYZerosNot implemented
BetaNot implemented
binomialNot implemented
branchesNot implemented
CacheNot implemented
catNot implemented
ceilNot implemented
changecoordsNot implemented
charfcnNot implemented
CharpolyNot implemented
ChebyshevTNot implemented
ChebyshevUNot implemented
CheckArgsNot implemented
ChiNot implemented
chremNot implemented
CiNot implemented
coeffNot implemented
coeffsNot implemented
coeftaylNot implemented
collectNot implemented
colondashNot implemented
combineNot implemented
comparrayNot implemented
compiletableNot implemented
CompleteBellBNot implemented
ComplexNot implemented
ComplexRangeNot implemented
compolyNot implemented
CompSeqNot implemented
ContentNot implemented
contentNot implemented
convergsNot implemented
copyNot implemented
CopySignNot implemented
cotNot implemented
cothNot implemented
coulditbeNot implemented
CoulombFNot implemented
cscNot implemented
cschNot implemented
CylinderDNot implemented
CylinderUNot implemented
CylinderVNot implemented
DNot implemented
dataplotNot implemented
Default0Not implemented
DefaultOverflowNot implemented
DefaultUnderflowNot implemented
defineNot implemented
define_externalNot implemented
definemoreNot implemented
degreeNot implemented
denomNot implemented
dependsNot implemented
DescribeNot implemented
DESolNot implemented
DetNot implemented
diffNot implemented
DiffNot implemented
DigitsNot implemented
dilogNot implemented
dinterpNot implemented
DiracNot implemented
disassembleNot implemented
discontNot implemented
discrimNot implemented
dismantleNot implemented
DistDegNot implemented
DivideNot implemented
divideNot implemented
doublefactorialNot implemented
dsolveNot implemented
EiNot implemented
eliminateNot implemented
ellipsoidNot implemented
EllipticCENot implemented
EllipticCKNot implemented
EllipticCPiNot implemented
EllipticENot implemented
EllipticFNot implemented
EllipticKNot implemented
EllipticPiNot implemented
entriesNot implemented
EqualEntriesNot implemented
EquateNot implemented
erfNot implemented
erfcNot implemented
erfiNot implemented
eulerNot implemented
eulermacNot implemented
EvalNot implemented
evalNot implemented
evalaNot implemented
evalapplyNot implemented
evalbNot implemented
evalcNot implemented
evalfNot implemented
evalhfNot implemented
evalindetsNot implemented
evalrNot implemented
evalrCNot implemented
exampleNot implemented
existsNot implemented
ExpandNot implemented
expandNot implemented
expandoffNot implemented
expandonNot implemented
ExploreNot implemented
exportsNot implemented
ExportVectorNot implemented
extremaNot implemented
FactorNot implemented
factorNot implemented
factorialNot implemented
FactorsNot implemented
factorsNot implemented
fdiffNot implemented
fdiscontNot implemented
fixdivNot implemented
floatNot implemented
floorNot implemented
fnormalNot implemented
foldNot implemented
forallNot implemented
forgetNot implemented
fracNot implemented
fracdiffNot implemented
FractionNot implemented
freezeNot implemented
fremNot implemented
FresnelCNot implemented
FresnelfNot implemented
FresnelgNot implemented
FresnelSNot implemented
FrobeniusNot implemented
FromInertNot implemented
frontendNot implemented
fsolveNot implemented
FunctionAdvisorNot implemented
galoisNot implemented
GAMMANot implemented
GausselimNot implemented
GaussjordNot implemented
gcNot implemented
GcdNot implemented
gcdNot implemented
GcdexNot implemented
gcdexNot implemented
GegenbauerCNot implemented
genpolyNot implemented
getassumptionsNot implemented
GFNot implemented
grelgroupNot implemented
HankelH1Not implemented
HankelH2Not implemented
hasNot implemented
hasassumptionsNot implemented
hasfunNot implemented
hasoptionNot implemented
hastypeNot implemented
HeavisideNot implemented
helpNot implemented
HermiteNot implemented
HermiteHNot implemented
HessenbergNot implemented
HeunBNot implemented
HeunBPrimeNot implemented
HeunCNot implemented
HeunCPrimeNot implemented
HeunDNot implemented
HeunDPrimeNot implemented
HeunGNot implemented
HeunGPrimeNot implemented
HeunTNot implemented
HeunTPrimeNot implemented
hfarrayNot implemented
HFloatNot implemented
historyNot implemented
hypergeomNot implemented
icontentNot implemented
identifyNot implemented
ifNot implemented
ifactorNot implemented
ifactorsNot implemented
ifelseNot implemented
igcdNot implemented
igcdexNot implemented
ilcmNot implemented
ilog10Not implemented
ilog2Not implemented
ilog[b]Not implemented
ImNot implemented
implicitdiffNot implemented
ImportVectorNot implemented
inNot implemented
IncompleteBellBNot implemented
IndepNot implemented
indetsNot implemented
indexNot implemented
indicesNot implemented
infoNot implemented
initialconditionNot implemented
initialconstantsNot implemented
initialfunctionsNot implemented
insertpatternNot implemented
intNot implemented
IntNot implemented
intatNot implemented
IntatNot implemented
InterpNot implemented
interpNot implemented
intsolveNot implemented
InverseNot implemented
InverseJacobiAMNot implemented
InverseJacobiCDNot implemented
InverseJacobiCNNot implemented
InverseJacobiCSNot implemented
InverseJacobiDCNot implemented
InverseJacobiDNNot implemented
InverseJacobiDSNot implemented
InverseJacobiNCNot implemented
InverseJacobiNDNot implemented
InverseJacobiNSNot implemented
InverseJacobiSCNot implemented
InverseJacobiSDNot implemented
InverseJacobiSNNot implemented
invfuncNot implemented
invztransNot implemented
iperfpowNot implemented
iquoNot implemented
iratreconNot implemented
iremNot implemented
irootNot implemented
IrreducNot implemented
irreducNot implemented
isNot implemented
iscontNot implemented
isdifferentiableNot implemented
IsMatrixShapeNot implemented
isolateNot implemented
isolveNot implemented
ispolyNot implemented
isprimeNot implemented
isqrfreeNot implemented
isqrtNot implemented
IssimilarNot implemented
issqrNot implemented
IsVectorShapeNot implemented
IsWorksheetInterfaceNot implemented
ithprimeNot implemented
JacobiAMNot implemented
JacobiCDNot implemented
JacobiCNNot implemented
JacobiCSNot implemented
JacobiDCNot implemented
JacobiDNNot implemented
JacobiDSNot implemented
JacobiNCNot implemented
JacobiNDNot implemented
JacobiNSNot implemented
JacobiPNot implemented
JacobiSCNot implemented
JacobiSDNot implemented
JacobiSNNot implemented
JacobiTheta1Not implemented
JacobiTheta2Not implemented
JacobiTheta3Not implemented
JacobiTheta4Not implemented
KelvinBeiNot implemented
KelvinBerNot implemented
KelvinHeiNot implemented
KelvinHerNot implemented
KelvinKeiNot implemented
KelvinKerNot implemented
KummerMNot implemented
KummerUNot implemented
LagrangeBasisNot implemented
LaguerreLNot implemented
latexNot implemented
LcmNot implemented
lcmNot implemented
lcoeffNot implemented
ldegreeNot implemented
leadtermNot implemented
LegendrePNot implemented
LegendreQNot implemented
lengthNot implemented
LerchPhiNot implemented
lhsNot implemented
limitNot implemented
LimitNot implemented
LinsolveNot implemented
lnGAMMANot implemented
logNot implemented
LommelS1Not implemented
LommelS2Not implemented
lowerboundNot implemented
lprintNot implemented
mapNot implemented
map2Not implemented
Maple_floatsNot implemented
maptypeNot implemented
matchNot implemented
MathieuANot implemented
MathieuBNot implemented
MathieuCNot implemented
MathieuCENot implemented
MathieuCEPrimeNot implemented
MathieuCPrimeNot implemented
MathieuExponentNot implemented
MathieuFloquetNot implemented
MathieuFloquetPrimeNot implemented
MathieuSNot implemented
MathieuSENot implemented
MathieuSEPrimeNot implemented
MathieuSPrimeNot implemented
MatrixNot implemented
MatrixOptionsNot implemented
maximizeNot implemented
maxnormNot implemented
MeijerGNot implemented
memberNot implemented
membertypeNot implemented
mergetableNot implemented
minimizeNot implemented
modNot implemented
modpNot implemented
modp1Not implemented
modp2Not implemented
modpolNot implemented
modsNot implemented
moduleNot implemented
MOLSNot implemented
msolveNot implemented
mtaylorNot implemented
mulNot implemented
NewtonBasisNot implemented
NextAfterNot implemented
NextpolyNot implemented
NextprimeNot implemented
nextprimeNot implemented
nopsNot implemented
normNot implemented
NormalNot implemented
normalNot implemented
nprintfNot implemented
NullspaceNot implemented
numboccurNot implemented
numelemsNot implemented
numerNot implemented
NumericClassNot implemented
odetestNot implemented
opNot implemented
OrderNot implemented
orderNot implemented
OrderBasisNot implemented
OrderedNENot implemented
ormapNot implemented
packagesNot implemented
patmatchNot implemented
PermNot implemented
permgroupNot implemented
plotNot implemented
plot3dNot implemented
plotsetupNot implemented
pochhammerNot implemented
PochhammerBasisNot implemented
pointtoNot implemented
poissonNot implemented
polylogNot implemented
powNot in Maple. Computes the value of base raised to the power exp.
PowerNot implemented
PowmodNot implemented
powmodNot implemented
PremNot implemented
premNot implemented
PrevpolyNot implemented
PrevprimeNot implemented
prevprimeNot implemented
PrimfieldNot implemented
PrimitiveNot implemented
PrimpartNot implemented
primpartNot implemented
printNot implemented
print_preprocessNot implemented
printfNot implemented
procNot implemented
productNot implemented
ProductNot implemented
prootNot implemented
propertyNot implemented
protectNot implemented
PsiNot implemented
psqrtNot implemented
QuoNot implemented
quoNot implemented
radfieldNot implemented
radnormalNot implemented
randNot implemented
randomizeNot implemented
RandpolyNot implemented
randpolyNot implemented
RandprimeNot implemented
rationalizeNot implemented
RatreconNot implemented
ratreconNot implemented
ReNot implemented
readdataNot implemented
readstatNot implemented
RealRangeNot implemented
realrootNot implemented
redefineNot implemented
ReduceNot implemented
relatedNot implemented
RemNot implemented
remNot implemented
removeNot implemented
residueNot implemented
RESolNot implemented
ResultantNot implemented
resultantNot implemented
rhsNot implemented
RifNot implemented
rootNot implemented
rootboundNot implemented
RootsNot implemented
rootsNot implemented
roundNot implemented
RoundingNot implemented
rsolveNot implemented
rtable_dimsNot implemented
rtable_elemsNot implemented
rtable_num_dimsNot implemented
rtable_num_elemsNot implemented
ScaleNot implemented
Scale10Not implemented
Scale2Not implemented
scanfNot implemented
searchtextNot implemented
SearchTextNot implemented
secNot implemented
sechNot implemented
selectNot implemented
selectfunNot implemented
selectremoveNot implemented
seqNot implemented
seriesNot implemented
setattributeNot implemented
SFloatExponentNot implemented
SFloatMantissaNot implemented
shakeNot implemented
ShiNot implemented
showtimeNot implemented
SiNot implemented
signNot implemented
SimplifyNot implemented
simplifyNot implemented
singularNot implemented
sinterpNot implemented
smartplotNot implemented
smartplot3dNot implemented
SmithNot implemented
solveNot implemented
sortNot implemented
sparseNot implemented
SphericalYNot implemented
SPremNot implemented
spremNot implemented
sprintfNot implemented
SqrfreeNot implemented
sqrfreeNot implemented
sscanfNot implemented
SsiNot implemented
Stirling1Not implemented
Stirling2Not implemented
StruveHNot implemented
StruveLNot implemented
sturmNot implemented
sturmseqNot implemented
SubfieldsNot implemented
subsNot implemented
subsindetsNot implemented
subsopNot implemented
substringNot implemented
subtypeNot implemented
sumNot implemented
SumNot implemented
surdNot implemented
symmdiffNot implemented
tableNot implemented
tablelookNot implemented
taylorNot implemented
tcoeffNot implemented
TemperatureNot implemented
testeqNot implemented
testfloatNot implemented
thawNot implemented
ToInertNot implemented
TopologicalSortNot implemented
TraceNot implemented
traperrorNot implemented
trigsubsNot implemented
truncNot implemented
typeNot implemented
typematchNot implemented
unamesNot implemented
unapplyNot implemented
unassignNot implemented
undefineNot implemented
UnorderedNot implemented
unprotectNot implemented
unwindKNot implemented
unwithNot implemented
upperboundNot implemented
usageNot implemented
ValueNot implemented
valueNot implemented
VectorNot implemented
verifyNot implemented
versionNot implemented
WARNINGNot implemented
WeberENot implemented
WeierstrassPNot implemented
WeierstrassPPrimeNot implemented
WeierstrassSigmaNot implemented
WeierstrassZetaNot implemented
whattypeNot implemented
WhittakerMNot implemented
WhittakerWNot implemented
withNot implemented
WrightomegaNot implemented
zipNot implemented
ztransNot implemented
~ArrayNot implemented
~MatrixNot implemented
~VectorNot implemented
xabscNot in Maple. Calculate the module of a complex.
xargcNot in Maple. Calculate the main argument (-Pi < theta <= Pi) of a complex.
xsqrtciNot in Maple. Calculate the imaginary part of the main square root of a complex.
xsqrtcrNot in Maple. Calculate the real part of the main square root of a complex.
xZnziNot in Maple. Calcula la parte imaginaria de la impedancia en el medio n en z.
* etanr [ohm]. Parte real de la impedancia característica en el medio n.
* etani [ohm]. Parte imaginaria de la impedancia característica en el medio n.
* Znp1znr [ohm]. Parte real de la impedancia en el medio n+1 en z=zn.
* Znp1zni [ohm]. Parte imaginaria de la impedancia en el medio n+1 en z=zn.
* gammanr [1/m]. Parte real de la constante de propagación en el medio n.
* gammani [1/m]. Parte imaginaria de la constante de propagación en el medio n.
* zn [m]. Posición zn de la discontinuidad del medio n al medio n+1.
* z [m]. Posición z en la que se calcula la impedancia (z <= zn).
xZnzrNot in Maple. Calcula la parte real de la impedancia en el medio n en z.
* etanr [ohm]. Parte real de la impedancia característica en el medio n.
* etani [ohm]. Parte imaginaria de la impedancia característica en el medio n.
* Znp1znr [ohm]. Parte real de la impedancia en el medio n+1 en z=zn.
* Znp1zni [ohm]. Parte imaginaria de la impedancia en el medio n+1 en z=zn.
* gammanr [1/m]. Parte real de la constante de propagación en el medio n.
* gammani [1/m]. Parte imaginaria de la constante de propagación en el medio n.
* zn [m]. Posición zn de la discontinuidad del medio n al medio n+1.
* z [m]. Posición z en la que se calcula la impedancia (z <= zn).

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