Bohr model


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nPrincipal quantum number (n>0)
Z [protons]Number of protons in the nucleus
me [kg]Electron mass
qe [C]Elementary charge (pronton charge, inverse of electron charge)
ep0 [N*(m^2)/(C^2)]Vacuum electric permittivity
h [J*s]Planck constant
c [m/s]Speed of light


L [kg*m^2/s]Angular momentum of electron (by definition of principal quantum number)
r [m]Radius of circular orbit of electron
v [m/s]Velocity of electron
v [c]Velocity of electron divided by speed of light
Fe [N]Force on electron due to electric field (Coulomb law)
T [J]Kinetic energy of electron
U [J]Electric potential energy of electron U(r) with U(infinity)=0
Em [J]Kinetic energy plus electric potential energy of electron


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